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The Team at Oaks Farm

Oaks Farm became a wedding venue in 1999. We have ensured that its rapid growth and popularity has been carefully and sympathetically nurtured.

Although the 'mechanics' of the day are managed by our experienced catering companies, we work closely together to create the perfect atmosphere for such a special occasion.

After booking you are welcome to visit the venue again with other family members or contractors. Please contact Delia, Katie, Tracey or Colin on 020 8654 6622 to make an appointment.

Booking Oaks Farm

If you wish to book Oaks Farm, please telephone us and we will pencil in your provisional booking if the date has not already been taken. We will ask you to complete a Booking Form. This must be completed and returned to us, together with the deposit, within 2 weeks of your provisional booking. If we do not receive the booking form and deposit within the 2 week period, then the date will be released. If there is a good reason why you cannot meet this time limit then please let us know and we may be able to extend it.

One general point, which is intended to be helpful rather than negative, please bear in mind that both deposit and balance payments are non-refundable so we suggest you consider a wedding insurance policy.

As a family home as well as a wedding venue, Oaks Farm reserves the right to make alterations to the gardens, building and furnishings.

The Registrar (Civil Weddings only)

If you are planning to have your wedding ceremony at Oaks Farm as well as the reception you will need to liaise with the registrar regarding dates and times before confirming your booking at the venue. You must book your ceremony through Croydon Registry Office (020 8726 6300). Please bear in mind that, by law, you must book your Ceremony direct with the Registrar and that a booking at Oaks Farm does not imply a booking with the Registrar.

Deposit Payment

To confirm your booking you will need to pay a deposit equal to 50% of the venue cost.

The final instalment for the venue is due 2 months before your wedding date.

We prefer payments to be made by direct transfer, but we do also accept cheques. We do not have the facilities to take card payments and do not accept cash.

All payments are non-refundable.

The deposit and balance payments will be applied solely towards the cost of hiring the venue and includes no other services or facilities.

VAT will be added to the venue hire charge.

Venue Maximum Seating Capacity

The total number of guests for the day must not exceed 100.

Civil Ceremony 100
Dining 100 on all round tables
Dining 100 on a long table and 9 rounds

Civil Ceremony 70
Dining 70 on all round tables
Dining 60 on a long table and 6 rounds

Orchard Cottage

Orchard Cottage is situated in the heart of the two and a half acre garden at Oaks Farm. It is available on the big day from 1.00 pm. We would ask you to leave by 11.00 am the following day. Breakfast will be provided for you.

Food and Drink at Oaks Farm

If you hold any event at Oaks Farm you have to use one of our approved caterers. We can highly recommend all of our approved catering companies. They are all dedicated to providing excellent hospitality at Oaks Farm and will ensure your wedding day runs perfectly. You will need to contact your chosen catering company and arrange to meet them to discuss in depth the catering for your Big Day. They will be delighted to provide you with good accurate pricing with no hidden costs.

It is best to ensure that the caterer of your choice is available for the date of your wedding before confirming your venue booking. Your caterer will provide all the necessary tableware and waiting staff. If you have booked the caterer already, please include the caterer name on the booking form.

Up until the end of your wedding breakfast all drink will be served by your chosen caterer. You are welcome to bring in your own drink for the drinks reception before dinner and for during your wedding meal. We do not charge any corkage.

Once your wedding meal has finished, all your remaining drink will be stored away for you to pick up at the end of the evening or the next day.

All evening drinks will be provided by The Orchard Bar Company (any queries, contact Hayley Hart on 07736 350036). The bar opens half an hour before the end of your meal. Bar prices are available on request.

The bar accepts last orders at 10.50 pm and then closes at 11.00 pm. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

Oaks Farm Furniture

Oaks Farm provides all the furniture you will require for your wedding meal. This is included in our price.

We have lovely oak chairs, which compliment the natural look of the venue. However, sometimes couples choose to use chair cover, which can look very effective.

Since Oaks Farm chairs are unique, we do stipulate that you must use our approved chair cover supplier Charlotte (07985590954). Her chair covers have been made especially for Oaks Farm chairs. She offers a very professional service, which includes ironing every cover on the morning of your wedding before they are put on the chairs. She also offers a range of sash colours to give a stunning impression as you walk into the room.


A music system is installed in both the Stable Barn and the Barn. The all-round sound can provide romantic music to accompany your civil ceremony, and a pleasant musical backdrop for your meal.

You are very welcome to bring in your own CDs, although you would need to take responsibility for the actual management of the music that you provide. We are also able to provide a link for your iPod or laptop should you wish to bring a play list.

We cannot unfortunately take responsibility for any computers or software that you bring along.

The wonderful gardens are available for use throughout the day and evening. However, no amplified music is allowed outside at any stage, and acoustic music only up until 6.00 pm. Discos are allowed in the evening but we are not suitable for live bands.

DJs have to operate within our 90 decibel sound limiter.

All music should finish by 11.00 pm to comply with our Entertainment License. The venue is closed by 11.30pm, and we would ask you to ensure that all guests have left by midnight at the very latest.

Important Notes for your Day

Please give all guests directions to Oaks Farm clearly pointing out that they have to access the venue from Oaks Road. Please note that all maps and satellite navigation equipment will tell them to access Oaks Lane from the Upper Shirley Road – this is a dead end! CR0 5HL will lead you to Oaks Farm by satellite navigation.

We recommend you book an appointment 2-3 months before your wedding to plan the logistics of the day. This includes the arrangement of tables for the meal and the layout of the civil ceremony.

The venue is available from 9 am on the day of your wedding. The cottage can be made available to you from mid-day on request.

If you are bringing in any drink for before or during the meal you will need to deliver it to Oaks Farm the day before your wedding. Please bear in mind we also need to make arrangements for you to pick up the excess either that night or the next day.

Cake deliveries are best made on the morning of your reception. In certain circumstances, they can be delivered beforehand by prior arrangement.

Please ensure all table plans, place cards and table decorations are delivered to the venue the day before the event. Please also provide 3 clear table plans; one to be displayed on a board for the guests and 2 copies of an additional working plan to be used by Oaks Farm and the caterers. Please bundle up your name cards PER TABLE. Please highlight vegetarians, children and special dietary requirements on the working plan. Please include clear written instructions on how the tables are to be decorated.

Fireworks and Sky Lanterns are prohibited. By signing the booking form, you are warranting that you, your guests and your service providers have agreed to this.

We do not allow bouncy castles at Oaks Farm, but we welcome other garden games.

Children must be under supervision at all times.

In line with forthcoming Government legislation, Oaks Farm is a no-smoking venue.

If any member of your party causes any breakage or damage at Oaks Farm, the cost of repair or replacement and any other incidental costs will be your responsibility.

There is a pond at Oaks Farm. It is your responsibility to make yourself and your guests aware of the hazards associated with this.

Valuables and Personal Effects

We cannot be held responsible for any valuables damaged or lost at Oaks Farm, including wedding gifts.

Please do not leave any valuables/ gifts in the venue over night.

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